Monday, August 28, 2006

Yes, you thought right, Katherine Harris is in fact insane:

No, it's not just the staffers that go running away screaming from her campaign offices.

She's just plain insane in the freakin' brain:

Katherine Harris attempts to defuse controversial comments.

Say whut?

Speaking to (Florida Baptist) Witness editors, Harris said:

"If you are not electing Christians, tried and true, under public scrutiny and pressure, if you're not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin."

"If we are the ones not actively involved in electing those godly men and women," then "we're going to have a nation of secular laws. That's not what our founding fathers intended and that's (sic) certainly isn't what God intended."

We are the chosen!!


Landcomm1 said...

I dearly do so love politicians as nutty as fruitcakes, don't you? She stands as much chance of being elected as a snowball does surviving hell. Actually, Vegas would probably place odd on the snowball. What is perhaps more scary than Katherine is that she appears to have an evil step-sister here in Minnesota: Michelle Bachmann. Although not quite as nutty as Katherine, she's certain in the running!

I'm off to vacation. Enjoy the rest of your week, Mike!

EAPrez said...

People that think like this are dangerous - very dangerous.

Mike V. said...

Enjoy your vacation, Steve.

Yea, I used to think that people like this were not that dangerous because the ones that listen to that kind of crap and believe it are insane and not in any kind of numbers.

Apparently I was wrong..

Tom Harper said...

She's even wackier and more out-to-lunch than I thought. What a piece of work.

Ricardo said...

I ripped this woman apart a while back myself. She is nuts. And last time I checked, this country was NOT meant to be a theocracy.

Mike V. said...

No, we're not.
Though there are plenty of nuts that would like to see it that way.