Wednesday, August 02, 2006

San Diego local story. Bigots arrested for brutal attack.

3 complete scumbags were arrested in the attack of several gay men after the parade over this past weekend near Balboa Park.
Link to story can be found here, and picture of one of the angry latent homosexuals, James Carroll is there as well.

Stories of hate like this make me worry for the human race, but I guess shit like this has been going on forever.

Ironically, one of the things those arrested might be able to count on once in prison is gay sex.

Not sure I understand the constitutionality of a "hate crime", but I sure hope the fucking book gets thrown at these pieces of human garbage..


Landcomm1 said...

Pretty damn sad, Mike. I read the story. It did not look as if they were being charged with hate crimes. I hope they are and I hope each of the bastards rots in jail but is blessed with a string of 'friends' they'll likely never forget!

Tom Harper said...

Jail should be fun for these shitheads. May they all get brutalized by their "husbands" while they're behind bars. Hope they track down the other gang members and lock them up too.

Diane said...

It makes me wonder if the legend of Tom Metzger lives on . . . how sad to be filled with so much hatred.

Mike V. said...

it's my understanding that he's still alive and living here in San Diego County of all places.
Fallbrook was the last I heard.
avocado capital of the world..