Friday, August 11, 2006

Man, this is a total bummer..

I used to watch Mike's show when I was a kid all the time.

I was facinated that I shared the same name as someone on TV.

Mike Douglas, former TV show host, dies

I remember watching him sing goofy songs, have on people who he thought were cool, even though he was pretty much as square as you can be. But in a good way.
He had on John and Yoko one time for a whole week.
Orson Wells would sit there and smoke cigars and pontificate about lord knows what.

Heeeeeere'ssss Mike. Bummer.


Senor said...

How is it a bummer? He was in his 80's and led a very fruitful life.

And he got to bang a lot of guys on the way and you know he loved that.

Shelli said...

I totally remember that show, too. I remember watching it with my mom or grandma in the afternoons, sometimes. I wondered what ever happened to him.

Another great one gone. Say hello to Johnny.

Sue said...

R.I.P Mike Douglas ... I used to watch his show with my Mom too.

Sar said...

RIP Mike Douglas and his class act.

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