Sunday, July 16, 2006

House OKs voter rights act renewal

However, these regressive assholes voted against it.
I am ashamed that 7 of them came from my home state.
Though it's not too shocking when you look at their districts (rubes in rural CA and Orange County fascists)

Baker (LA) Doolittle (CA) Hensarling (TX) Paul (TX)
Barrett (SC) Duncan (TN) Herger (CA) Price (GA)
Bartlett (MD) Everett (AL) Johnson, Sam (TX) Rohrabacher (CA)
Barton (TX) Foxx (NC) King (IA) Royce (CA)
Bonner (AL) Franks (AZ) Linder (GA) Shadegg (CA)
Burton (IN) Garrett (NJ) McHenry (NC) Tancredo (CO)
Campbell (CA) Gingrey (GA) Miller, Gary (CA) Thornberry (TX)
Conaway (TX) Hefley (CO) Norwood (GA) Westmoreland (GA)
Deal (GA)


LA said...

Rohrabacher's my district. I write to him on the average of once a week. So far, we've yet to see eye-to-eye on a single issue.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

Orange County = IS admittedly nasty (though thank GOD I never had to endure living there!!!).

Though I expected numerous Texas and Georgia votes in this manner, the California thing did surprise me a little bit. How much effect do you think that "The Governator" has had upon Californian views? I left the state before he was elected (thank GOD...LOL!) and have wondered just how much he has managed to fuck things up on a local level.

Then me mad...I never did have much of a problem with Davis. Hell, he inherited a lot of problems, yet he became a scapegoat of major proportions.

Keep rockin',

Mike V. said...

Sorry to hear about that, LA.. :)
Keep writing his sorry ass.

Arnold is a singular freak of nature.

We've had worse, I'm sure, but he's one odd motherfucker.

There's nothing he could do to have affect on facsists and rubes in my state.
And believe me, we still have plenty of them.

CyberCelt said...

Please do not classify entire states based on one village idiot. Texas is a huge place and has many districts. If all things go well, we will be back with a "real" government this NOvember.

Fight The Good Fight! said...

What is a 'real' goevernment?
Sounds just like a "Real Democracy" from mike v's previous post.

Hey mike why don't you call those names to Arnold's face, we would kick your motherfucking ass!

Landcomm1 said...

Who in the name of everything good in this land (which this morning includes Krispy Kreme donuts) let fight out of the institution? It is sad, Mike, to see who voted against this act. Activity such as this is so telling about how controlling and undoubtably fascist the neo-con, right is becomming.

I'm sure fight is convinced liberals and progressives will ruin America which at this point may not be such a stretch since Dubya and the gang have fucked it up so badly. Thanks for the start, asshole!

I am off to my first (formal) fund raiser tomorrow, where I expect to be liberating a sizable amount of my cash and volunteering for a variety of candidates who have organized their local offices. I will also announce my intention to run for city council (in 08) to the prospective new mayor and begin what I hope will be years of additional, important work toward reversing trends advanced by scary freaks like fight...

Carpe Diem! Thanks, Mike.

Matt Vella said...

FtGF - um, Arnold would do nothing and like it, unless he wanted to lose a sizable chunk of his considerable fortune. Lastly, if you want to convince someone that someone else is stupid, the least you could do is spell imbecile correctly, numbnuts.

Mike V. said...

Krispy Kreme donuts gimme too much of a sugar rush. Can't come down from it, because I have to drink coffee in the morning, too..
I have a bowl of whole grain cereal every single weekday with skim milk!

I've given up on trying to even understand what the hell this dude is even talking about.

He appears to not even sleep.
What he's on, I have no idea.

FTGF, now you have entered wacko territory, wondering if I would say that to Arnold's face and he would kick my ass.
I'm starting to wonder if your real web site isn't this one:

(don't ask how I found that)

Karen said...

that's shocking, mike! i mean you're in california! who woulda thunk it!?! i see there's no michiganders listed, thank goodness. but, i'm getting tired of our dems here, they're rethug lite.

Mike V. said...

well, it's not THAT shocking.

remember, we have more reps than any state in congress, so it's a larger pool.
also, as far as CA being this hotbed of liberalism, that is confined to a few square miles that make up parts of the bay area and LA county.
there are PLENTY of rural areas that would scare the people in the Deliverance here in my state.
and the OC is one big aryan wet dream.

Diane said...

Rohrabacher is my representative too - after having voted for 25 years from my elementary school near my mother's house, what finally made me re-register to my actual residence was to vote against one of the worst representatives in the country.

p.s. OC is terrible, but SD ain't much better! :-)

p.p.s. I'm surprised Pombo isn't on that list too

Mike V. said...

thankfully, my rep is Susan Davis, who seems very level headed.
suburban SD county, however, is full of rethuglicans..

Fight The Good Fight! said...

Funny how you people resort to mislpellings...WOW! I forgot the e...that's quite damaging.

Matt Vella -I know Arnold would not do that...come on have some fun! just don't get it do you mike.
I have 'brought it' to your now you have more insolent people behind you who believe in your propaganda.
Go ahead an slash away..
Hey some kids have a clue why don't you people??

Hey fag boy what's up?

Fight The Good Fight! said...

Carpe Diem!
Used as an admonition to seize the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future.

Hey I'll vote for that when you run for city council (in 08).
Sounds like a real furture in you neck of the woods.

Fight The Good Fight! said...

oh no the comment nazi will get me on that one. (furture)

Karen said...

"now you have more insolent people behind you who believe in your propaganda"... rethugs are all alike!! if you're so sure of yourself, why come here to defend it!?!

Mike V. said...

I enjoy the amusement.

Landcomm1 said...

It's just a hunch but I'm thinking the Krispy Kremes I had earlier today had more going in in the way of smarts than FTGF Thanks for playing, good fight!

Fight The Good Fight! said...

mmmmm I bet you like sweet stuff in your mouth.

Karen said...

"I enjoy the amusement"...

ha, ha!

me too!! :-)

Landcomm1 said...

Well, duh, of course I do! I also like the remembering that I am a disabled veteran, having served over 20 years in the military, parading our flag proudly around the world, rarely encountering protests. You know, back when we as a nation had friends. You know, back before the Bush family got involved in politics! :-)

Fight The Good Fight! said...

Yeah yo fruity, I am a disabled vet too.
And I have no need to swollow.

Ok moonbat...'you rethugs are all alike!! if you're so sure of yourself, why come here to defend it!?!'
Because you don't get it! duh!

Mike V. said...

more tough guy homo-erotic stuff.
how shocking.

reminds me of couple football types I went to school with..

Landcomm1 said...

You're right, Mike. We've spent entirely too much time bantering and getting somewhat off track. By and large the dialogue is helpful but we can't lose sight of the fact (as a result of any humor) that radicalism in America is as dangerous as any radical anywhere else in the world. Thanks.