Saturday, May 06, 2006

Worst ever? Oh, yea.

Shea posted about this article a few days back, but I finally got around to reading it.

This essay is probably the finest single summary you will ever read on the failure that is the George Bush presidency.

Although it's not that long, considering that it covers the horrible last 5 plus years, it's packed with data and written clearly and is straight forward.

I wish I could think of a few things to copy and paste on my blog about the collosal fuck up that is the Bush administration as pointed out in the piece, but it's pretty tough.

My suggestion is to use the my link straight to the "printer friendly" version and read the whole thing, or print it out and relax somewhere and read it. Then pass it on to someone.

While I think there is even more to it than the straight forward failure as pointed out, in that Bush is nothing more than a pawn for PNAC, oil companies and other huge corporations, there is no doubt that it's his face on the front of the white house web page, so he has to take the heat.

At the least, he has to sit there and take it from Colbert.. :) God, that was the most amazing roast ever. And the fact that he stayed in "character" the whole time was just awesome.


Ricardo said...

No mystery there, just honest to goodness facts. what a mess he's made

SheaNC said...

I agree, it is a totally great article. Now that it is out, I hope it gets a ton of media attention!

Anonymous said...

Has it not occured to EVERYBODY that we were a LOT BETTER off 5 years ago? Check out your history. The Republicans have screwed up the country every time they are in office going back to the late 1900's. Can we not learn from our mistakes? It is very fashionable now (and has been for the last few years) to call yourself a "conservative" Republican. The problem is though that this is a meaningless label meant to forge a bond with the Rush Limbaughs of the world and to attach one's identity to a supposed moralistic value system. The trouble is - there have been way to many indictments of these "Conservatives" over the last few years. Another question you should ask yourselves is : How many presidents have been impeached in this country for anything more serious than a blow job?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the above, an update. If you bother to do the work, you'll see, (with the exception of this present administration possibly) that the Democrats have managed the economy better to more than a 2 to 1 margin over the Republicans. That being said, and it is TRUE, how can we, the voters, keep making the same mistake?