Sunday, May 21, 2006

Required viewing: Baghdad ER on HBO

If you don't have that channel, go to a friend's house and watch it.

Very powerful stuff. Not easy to watch at times, but it shows some of the reality of war and makes it available to those of us in the US that are pretty sheltered from it.

No matter your politics, views on the war, etc.. I think it's important that we all watch this.
Because there are a lot of brave young men and women over there fighting in our name.


Sar said...

I saw the previews for this and that it claims to not favor either side, pro/con.

You make an excellent point here, Mike. Most Americans have either turned a blind eye to the realities of the war out of a personal discomfort for viewing the violence. Alternatively, many have just become numb to it. Every single day you turn on the news you'll hear about a bombing in Iraq. It's become the norm. Another day, another bombing. But like you say though, these are people that are being psychologically and physically mamed and even killed by this. Which is why we shouldn't be passive about our disdain for this ill-gotten, ill-planned, and ill-executed war.

What can I say, Mike, I'm in a brawling mood today. ;)

Mike V. said...

I hope you get a chance to watch this, and will pass it on, asking others to watch as well.

Like I said, I believe this is required viewing.

Ricardo said...

I caught this too. They said they toned it down for showing on HBO (something they usually DON'T do). I can't imagine what the edited footage must show. What I did see was disturbing and tragic.

Mike V. said...

yes, it was.
and yet, once you get past the blood, what's really difficult to watch is the young men dealing with what they have to deal with every day.