Wednesday, May 10, 2006

President Jeb?


Though W sez: brother Jeb would make "great president"

Doubful as well.
I'm just guessing here, but I think the American public (at this point 70 percent) have had enough Bush/White House fun.
Gee, can't imagine why..

Let's see, we have a war we were lied to about that is going to cost us
in the long run over a trillion dollars.
Wages are falling.
The only jobs that are on the upswing are service industry jobs (read,
cheap labor).
The twin deficits have exploded.
Debt is at an all time high (and I thought the Pepugs were the party of
the balanced budget?).
The republican congress and the president have not been behind one
single piece of legislation that has been to the benefit of ordinary
working people.
Bush is saber-rattling with Iran about their uranium enrichment even
though they are signatories of the NPT (something that Israel, Pakistan
and India are not, BTW).
Bush has stated publically that he is not accountable to the law or the
We have tortured people in our name.
We have imprisoned people without due process.
And last but certainly not least: Free wiretaps for everone!! No warrants needed!

Yea, I don't see a whole lot of people rolling out to the booth for another Bush anytime soon.
Not that anything like that would stop Diebold from stealing your vote, but still..


Karen said...

"don't see a whole lot of people rolling out to the booth for another Bush anytime soon"...

... but that's only until the idiot rethugs start spewing the hate gays, anti-abortion, politicization of religion, foreigners are evil, and, oh, with jeb it would also be Teri Schiavo, etc., etc., etc., bullshit!

Mike V. said...

I don't think it would work this time, though.
Most of America was on the other side of the latter for sure. The right one, as it were..
So long as the Dems and progressives don't even bother fishing in that pond.

LA said...

I don't put anything past these fucks. Florida is where they stole the 2000 election in the first place. They have basically unlimited funds and zero morals and ethics.

And what's with Jeb bad-mouthing Kathleen Harris these days? Their affair must have ended badly.

Ricardo said...

Jeb fro prez? Please no!