Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mission Accomplished?

Not quite.

It was 3 years ago yesterday that W landed on a carrier off the coast of my beautiful city and declared major combat operations over in front of the Mission Acomplished sign.

2 quick things:
One, after it was clear that operations were FAR from over and the administration was questioned about "Mission Accomplished", they tried to lay blame to the sailors and the military. Which was a lie (surprise!). It was the photo-op folks and handlers, of course.
Two, over 90 percent of the US soldiers who have been killed in the war have been since that day 3 years ago.

Post photo op, when thing have not gone as hoped and our troops were not pelted with roses, rather with roadside bombs, they have tried to lie and frame the debate around half truths (at best). We were told that no one could have forseen this, though they were told exactly that.
By the highest ranking Army officer, as a matter of fact, Gen. Shinseki.
He estimated that we would need several hundred thousand troops to maintain order.
This was shot down by chickenhawk/deputy defense sec. Paul Wolfowitz AND Rumsfeld.

Shinseki was forced into retirement, of course.
Even though he appears to have been right. More than appears to, he WAS right.
And our sons and daughters are paying for the mistakes.

We should never have invaded Iraq in the first place, because they were not a threat to us.
A lot of blood has been spilled for this war of choice. A lot of profiteering has gone on, as well.

Can someone illuminate what HAS been acomplished??


Matt Vella said...

Ummm, the number of terrorist attacks has skyrocketed.

That's an accomplishment if you're looking to fight (i.e. profit from) a "war on terror".

SheaNC said...

Can someone illuminate what HAS been acomplished??

Here's my vote: the neocons have proven that they can get away with all these things.

Sar said...

I echo Matt & Shea. What I want to know is why any supporters of the war remain. And I'd like to point out there is a tangible difference between supporting the war and supporting the troops. It would be in fact a disaster to up and pull them out now, but the fact of the matter is we put them there so we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. Fuck up galore.