Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring forward.

Here's what should happen:

The US should agree to Spring forward one year, then just leave it at Daylight Savings Time.
That way, it won't be so damn dark in the middle of December into January in the evening.
I hate getting off work when the sun's just about set to set.
It would be nice to still have time to like mow the lawn or walk the dogs or something.
Baseball should be played during the day, however. Nightime ball, still can't get used to it.. Petco Park seen at right. During the day. Click for full size, new window.

Yea, I know, there are a lot of people that work 12 hours a day who never see the sunset at home in the first place. Whatever, that's their fault. People create their own reality.
40 hours, baby. That's what they get out of me. I'll answer an email or two and take a cell phone call at home, if I need to to keep the wheels turning, but five 8 hour days in a cubicle is MORE than enough for any man or woman..

So now that spring is here (yes, I know it's been here since the 21st of Mar.), what are you looking forward to?
In CA (and in many places), Spring means wild flowers from the ocean to the desert and into the high mountains.
Also time to get those summer vegetables into the ground so they can get a move on!
I got mine in a few weeks back because we don't really have a frost this close to the ocean, so I wanted an early start. Two tomatoes, one hot pepper and one summer squash.
Any more than that and you're looking for ways to give the stuff away.
Since the weather has been so mild the last month or two for the most part, I'm already having to dead-head my roses out front.
Then again, they get sun pretty much the entire day, so that helps.

So, here's to Spring Forward and later sunsets..


Maritza said...

Is that a Cuban flag I see in your profile photo?

Mike V. said...

yes, it is.
that photo was taken at a La Casa Del Habano in Mexico.
the old guy in the photo was a cigar roller who came in for a visit to roll very yummy cigars for customers.

if you're wondering if I'm Cuban, no.
mainly Sicilian.

Tom Harper said...

I'd sure like to get rid of the time change. I don't care if we stay on standard time or DST; just pick something and run with it.

I've always thought it was a total buttpain setting the clocks back or forward. What's the point? I've never heard anyone say "oh boy, we get to reset the clocks tomorrow."