Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Internet neutrality

One more thing for you to sign this week.
I know your pen/typing hand is getting tired.

Go over to Tom Harper's blog and read about this now.

Then go to the site to sign a petition to protect the neutrality of the Internet and what would be the eventual raping of those of us that use it all for bottom line to a hand full of assholes at places like ATT, Comcast, etc.

Like Tom says in his post:

This issue should cut across all political lines. If you use search engines, do any kind of business transactions online, write a blog (or read other blogs), do any sort of online political activity, or just generally surf the Net — you’ll find your costs going way up and your service going waaay down if the telecom giants have their way.

Damn straight.

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Tom Harper said...

Thanks for the link. I sure hope We The People can prevail over the telecom giants.