Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The future of healthcare in states?

Mass. lawmakers approve ambitious health care plan

I think that MASS is doing a good thing here, and may well be the model in the future for other states that are getting strapped with taking care of people that have no coverage and have to use county hospitals and emergency rooms.

We can partly thank Wal Mart for that, who, with their driving down of wages for ALL working Americans and being the largest employer in the world, has helped to make the population that is uninsured larger.
All so people can save 50 cents on a bottle of Tide.

Wake up, people. The middle class is getting SCREWED.
All you middle Americans that voted republican the last couple elections fucked yourselves over just because they said they hated gay people and Muslims as much as you do.

Now we have to turn the tide BACK to a more populist run country that looks out for its citizens.

No more handouts to the wealthy, no more subsidies for oil companies and no more laundering money to the war profiteers.

We need to take this country back for US, the working person that is taking it in the shorts and the wallet.


Tom Harper said...

Great news about Massachusetts. Now I predict one of the following. Either:

Other states will follow suit and adopt near-universal coverage, or

Out-of-state sick people will swarm to Massachusetts, and the hottest-selling item in the country will be fake Massachusetts residency ID cards.

Ricardo said...

The republicans also kept yelling god which must have made people think that these idiots were the good guys.

Mike V. said...

I think in the long run, it will be a test.
Maybe this will be the way that states model their own plan after.
Let's face it, we have to do something about the 46 million people in this country that do not have coverage.
At some point, we all wind up paying for that anyhow..