Wednesday, March 22, 2006

See you all in a few days

Off for some rest, relaxation and some skiing in Utah.

Behave yourselves, write to your congressman, get the Prez impeached or something and have a great time.

I'll be back after a long weekend either on Monday or Tuesday of next week.



Tom Harper said...

OK, I'll get the asshole impeached while you're gone.

Matt Vella said...

Show them Utards how to ski.

LA said...

God, I'd love nothing more than to surprise you with his impeachment in four days' time.

Have a fantastic break!

Sar said...

Somehow break a leg doesn't seem the appropriate thing to say. ;)

Hope you had a wonderful trip, Mike!

CSC5502D said...

What a hypocrite.

Out there damaging the environment for your personal enjoyment.

Impeach yourself.

Mike V. said...

Ski areas are no more damaging to the environment than a really big park.

In fact, most all ski areas are surrounded by national park land and they themselves will never be subject to the clear cutting of the land.
Further, getting people out into the fresh air and enjoying the mountains is a sure way for them to appreciate it.

You know what damages the environment? Friends of the Bush administration that get off poisoning our water and air in the name of the "free market"

Then again, why I care what you think, I'm not sure..