Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Two great Americans, former republican administration members

Today I read two excellent OpEd pieces written by authors that have served in Republican administrations.
Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan and Jack Kemp was HUD secretary under Bush 40.
Both are genuine Americans who have worked to make this country better.
Funny, Roberts brought up Kemp in today's piece published on Counter Punch online and Kemp's OpEd was syndicated all over today and published in my local paper, The San Diego Union Tribune which I read when I got home from work.

Reading both made me sad for the state our country is in now.
Congress and the current administration have no place for such people.
Such genuine free thinkers would never fair well.
It saddens me that we don't have more like them.
Roberts, Kemp and even George Will sound like left leaning crazies to a lot of people on the right, probably.
And that saddens me, too.

Straight talkers like Kemp and Will and Roberts were 3 reasons that I spent my early adult years as a Republican.

The party lost it's way when it steered towards the religious right and the neo-cons that now rule it.
My own congressman from the South Bay Area, Tom Campbell wouldn't last a day with today's republicans.

I refuse to register for either party and I probably never will.
Though I was no huge fan of Kerry, I voted for him over Bush for sure because of the path W has led us down.
And there is no doubt in my mind that Gore should have been president all this time.
He's another American that I feel is genuine and moral and would have made a great president.

So if you have some time, surf over to the links up there and read a couple of very good columns and feel sad for our country like me..


Tom Harper said...

Ah, those were the days. Republicans and Democrats were just two parties who could agree to disagree. May those days return.

Our only hope is for enough Republicans and Conservatives to start seeing this gang of wackoid neocons for the crooks they are. They've gotta go.

LA said...

That's why Jim Jeffords became an Independent.

When you look at the current Supreme Court, John Paul Stevens is considered a liberal judge. John Paul Stevens is not only a Republican, he was placed on the court by Gerald Ford, the guy who pardoned Nixon. The center has shifted so far to the right, that Stevens is considered left of center!

And Michael, you're right: No free thinkers allowed!