Friday, February 10, 2006

This thing about Mao Mart not selling Plan B.

I had a real good rant about this over on Tom Harper's great blog in his comment section.

I felt that I needed to add the rant here, though I fixed a grammatical error (I think):

This whole morning after pill thing just pisses me off.
They are not selling it in certain stores because they are caving into the religious reich.
Fuck them.

You would think there would be a pragmatic mind somewhere in the bunch of them that would realize the very real possibility of fewer abortions because of fewer unwanted pregnancies.

Oh, and in case there are any religious or other like-kind of freaks reading this, this pill STOPS a pregnancy from happening, you fucking scientifically-illiterate assholes.


SheaNC said...

Well said 8^)
I hope the message makes it all the way over to the church of the fucking scientifically-illiterate assholes!

Tom Harper said...

Well said indeed. Thanks for the link. Hopefully the literacy brigade will ultimately triumph over the snake-handlers.

Dr.John said...

Do you always have to degrade those that don't agree with you? Terms like "religious reich" and "fucking scientifically-illeterate assholes" add nothing to a serious discusion. But then if it makes you feel good I guess that's all that's important. The fact that it angers the people you want to change and turns off the people who haven't made up their mind shouldn't bother you. Someday try a rational less abusive aproach. You won't feel as good but you might accomplish more.

Mike V. said...

well, look at it this way, Dr.
there are religious people. and there are religious crazies. I dislike the latter. a lot.
my own mother falls into the former category, and while I feel that if she were a much younger woman, she would never opt for an abortion, but being an intellectual and relatively pragmatic, she supports the use of birth control as well as the continued availability of safe abortions.
for the scientifically-illiterate and the religious crazies out there, to be against both abortion AND the use of birth control is just like religious fundamentalism: anti-intellectual and lacking in logic.
what fires me up about it is the fact that their religious beliefs are having an affect on other people who do not believe as they do in such a way as it is denying them freedom.
this country is not a theocracy (though ironic as it is considering we're at war with radical islam) but it seems there are a lot that would like to see it that way..

you are probably correct that I could tone down the use of the F-word, though. I'll give you that.

blog Portland said...

Don't you know that every sperm is sacred? Unless of course altar boys are involved, then feel free to waste 'em.

Daedalus said...

Mao Mart - LOL!

There is a difference between disagreeing with someone and trying to ban everything you don't like. The religious crackheads fall into the latter category, and when their views threaten others' liberties, there is a much bigger issue than a simple disagreement.

allan said...

it is so refreshing to read a thoughtful post.

Why would people say that reason has been replaced by vituperation?

Karen said...

LOL Mike!

That's why I like coming here; you tell it like it is & your words are my thoughts exactly!

Sar said...

That was a good rant, and Tom does have a great blog. Just stopped by to say hello!

Matt Vella said...

I say let the F bombs drop. If you feel it, say it. Don't second guess yourself. If the argument is valid, saying fuck only invalidates your argument to people that are offended by so called "rough language".

George Carlin is a great mind, and he's never had any problem with it. I'm with George. Fuck it.

Mike V. said...

"Don't edit yourself, Beavis."

LA said...

I love that you call it Mao Mart! That's hilarious!

This is such a hot button topic for me. It's no biggie for me to boycott Wal-Mart since I've been doing it all along, but there are a lot of big chains that I DO frequent that are allowing their pharmacists to refuse filling Plan B. One in particularly that really pains me is Target. They've been the target of a letter-writing campaign from, but so far, to no avail. Thanks for bringing attention to this important issue.

p.s. I'm usually anti-bombs as a rule, but I am pro-F-bombs.