Friday, February 17, 2006

And, he's popular with the ladies

Clooney makes no apologies about making fun of Jack Abramoff.

Why should he? Seen here on the other side of Larry King's giant painted head.

Abramoff's father, Frank, who didn't find the joke funny, wrote an angry letter to The Desert Sun newspaper of Palm Springs, Calif. He denounced Clooney for a "glib and ridiculous" attack on his son that he said reduced his granddaughter to tears.

I like this quote:

"I appreciate people who stick up for family members, even in the face of confessing to felonies.."

That's pretty good.

You know, I was never a big fan of this guy when I first saw him on TV in the show ER.
He came off kind of like a smug asshole. Maybe he is in real life, I don't know.
I do know that in the last 10 years he's made some of my favorite movies:
Out of Sight
O' Brother Where Art Thou
Three Kings
Welcome to Collinwood.
I have yet to see his two new movies. Probably on DVD when they come out.


blog Portland said...

Syriana is definitely worth the watch, but you've got to pay close attention to catch what some of the more "accented" people are saying.

Oh, and Ocean's 11 & 12 were good too. 11 better than 12, but I still enjoyed it.

Matt Vella said...

Don't forget "Intolerable Cruelty" - I thought he was money in that.

Mike V. said...

You guys are totally gay.
You need to get a room.

Matt Vella said...

Get in the middle, we'll make a manwich.

Francis W. Porretto said...

If Clooney has ever had a thought in his head that was original with him, rather than the gift of a scriptwriter, the finest scientific instruments have failed to detect it.

Mike V. said...

Well, I find the the population at large is pretty much without ANY thoughts in their head, so to expect much more than that from a pool of actors is asking a lot.
That being said, I have seen and heard him interviewed and he seems pretty quit witted and thinks well for himself.
Based on what I have seen of him, I would place him above average.
Of course, if you are coming from a place where you don't agree with him on issues, it's an easy shot at someone to insinuate as you are..

LA said...

For crissake, FWP, he did write the screenplay to Good Night, and Good Luck. If you disagee with him politically, just say so. It's foolish to take shots that far off target.