Thursday, January 05, 2006

Photo of the week

I'm looking forward to spring.
Yea, I know, we have good weather all year long here.
Still, it's nice when spring comes.
Out in the desert, the cacti bloom and this is an example.

Taking a meandering hike out there is really interesting because the flowers and the color are not splashed all over like wildflowers in the hills somewhere, but scattered around the desert floor on different cactus plants.

You can click on this one to see a larger version.


Anhoni Patel said...

That flower doesn't even look real. It looks like one of those posters you look at while you are tripping.

blog Portland said...

Peyote anyone? My spirit guide is always a ferret... I wonder what that means?

Mike V. said...

If I made a Frank Burns joke here, would that be way too obscure??

Matt Vella said...

Heh..."Frank Burns eats worms!"

LA said...

Frank Burns? as in Major Frank Burns of the 4077? cool.

logo said...

Nice flowers,
*snicker snicker*
You're right, it is fun to say.


Nice photo!! (I stumbled my way to your blog via Anhoni's.)