Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What to do with your turkey this year (and thereafter..)

I cannot remember a time that we did not cook our turkey on the Weber kettle.
It's easy, just as fast as the oven and it tastes a WHOLE lot better.

Season the bird the same way you would for the oven and then use indirect heat on your grill.
Most of the time, about half open on the vents is just about right.

Put a drip pan on the bottom of the grill (if you are doing a really large bird), put the coals around that to the sides (as much as can fit).
Add coals about every 45 minutes or so, but also always keep some hardwood chips burning on the top of the coals.
If you need to jump start the coals, don't be afraid to open the vents for 10 minutes or so. With the LID ON!!
Protect the end of the legs and wings with foil.
Let it rest on your cutting board for no less than 20 minutes.

Here's what I will do with mine:
I'm doing a medium bird, so mine will fit right in a medium roasting pan. In the bottom of that, I will line it with carrots, onions, celery and herbs like sage and parsley.
This juice I will use for my gravy.

I will stuff it with orange slices, onions, garlic, sage and salt and pepper and rub the outside AND under the skin with herby olive oil that I'll decide on later how to mix up.

On the grill, mesquite with the Kingsford, cover on, insta-read thermometer for the end, oven therm. for checking the inside temp of the Weber.
It will be very tasty.


Bill Diamond said...

Hey -- thanks for checking out my blog. Yours is pretty great, too.

Sar said...

Hope you enjoyed a tasty turkey day!

Mike V. said...

Oh, I did.
Here's the cheesecake that I made.
Yummy, to say the least:

And I also made this butternut squash lasagne:,1977,FOOD_9936_29169,00.html

That came out great as well.