Sunday, November 27, 2005

So what are you reading lately?

Anyone that knows me well enough knows that they can choose from a whole lot of mystery authors out there and get me their latest and I will probably be happy at Christmas.

For the last year or so, though, I have been reading more non-fiction and have really enjoyed it.
It started with a borrowed book by David Sedaris who writes life stories and some fiction essays.
I like him. Apparently, he's popular on NPR with the 12 other people who actually listen to NPR besides my parents. Better than Prarie Home Companion, I'm sure..

In the last year, I have read Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. EXCELLENT read about the history of the LDS church and some sects that have come out of it. Was prompted by a murder case involving a couple fringe crazies.

Another one that I liked was A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. This was the story of a middle aged writer (Bill) who decides he wants to walk the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. I never really have read too much in the past about the Trail, so it prompted me to research it a bit.
I'm glad I did!

I'm just starting a new crime fiction/mystery novel now by Michael Connelly called the Lincoln Lawyer, then I will start another non-fiction book called An Unreasonable Woman by Diane Wilson about a Gulf Coast shrimper fighting pollution and locals that don't like her politics.
Looking forward to that one.


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

Anhoni Patel said...

oooh! I've been meaning to Under the banner of Heaven - it's supposed to be awesome!

We read "A Walk in the Woods" for my bookclub; I did not attend in protest that it was a non-fiction book in a fiction-only (at least in my eyes) bookclub. I regret it. I heard it was a great book (although it sounds dull at first).

Mike V. said...

Under the Banner is a thick read, but it is very good.
I was drawn in from the get go and facinated by the research he did into the past of the LDS church.
Also, the latest version has an afterward where he answers critics from the church about his book.

Discipleforce0 said...

Hmm. Very interesting. Who is the author? Is he from the LDS church? Is he part of the member at the church there?

I haven't read anything for a while. :( Other than my textbook and my math, there isn't a time to read.

Give me some mystery book and i'll pick it up during the winter break.

Mike V. said...

No, he's not a member of the church, he is more of a journalist that was writing about it.
The murder case was a brother that said he received a revelation to kill his other brother's wife. And then did so.

Discipleforce0 said...

Where did he do all of his research and how did he come to his conclusion?

By a revelation, is that from above or from dream or just thought of it on the spur of the moment?

Mike V. said...

He did a lot of research including everything from newspapers, to LDS documents to crime reports.
The back of the book contains a pretty long list of references.

As for the revelation that the guy in that particular case received, he beleived that he had a direct pipe to God and that God told him to kill his brother's wife and baby.

Discipleforce0 said...

Very interesting. I"ll go check it out. :)

SheaNC said...

I am loathe to admit it, but I spent some time within the Mormon church as a child when an evil stepfather had us converted. I still have family caught up in it's insidious grasp. Call me predjudiced, but I have a lot of contempt for the Mormon church. They harrassed me for years. I hate 'em. Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em.

Oh, and my wife read Under the Banner of Heaven, she said it is great 8^)