Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Give 'em hell again, Harry:

Democrats Don't Want Libby to be Pardoned

Growing some more balls, Democrats in DC keep hammering away at the administration.
And rightly so.
Now is the time to do so.

Staying on Bush's back:

"We also urge you to state publicly whether anyone in the White House — including White House counsel Harriet Miers or Vice President Cheney — has already discussed the possibility of a pardon with Mr. Libby," added the letter, signed by Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and three other members of the leadership.

But of course, Spanky was having none of that:

White House spokesman Scott McClellan declined to rule out a pardon when asked about the issue by reporters before Democrats sent their letter. "I'm not going to discuss an ongoing legal proceeding. And I'm not going to speculate about any matters relating to it," he said.

Now here's where Reid really grew some nuts:

At a news conference, Reid launched an extraordinary attack on Cheney, whom he said had been involved in the "manipulation of intelligence to sell the war in Iraq" as well as "leaking classified information to discredit White House critics." He challenged the president in personal terms, urging him to "avoid falling in the footsteps of his father who pardoned six men, some were convicted, some were indicted in the Iran-Contra scandal."

Pretty ballsy, I have to say.
Let's hope that the closed door session the other day and this latest action is just the beginning.
Progressives, Liberals, Independents and all the rest (anyone that is not a neo-con in love with PNAC and Halliburtin) need to keep on these bastards.
This is our country.
We have a right to know what they are doing in our name.

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