Monday, November 07, 2005

Don't forget to VOTE!

San Diego voters, I ask that you please vote for Donna Frye.

CA voters, please send a message:

73 NO
74 NO
75 NO
76 NO
77 NO
78 NO
79 YES
80 YES


Anonymous said...

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Sar said...

Mike - your post reminds me of History Of The World. ;)

Roger, Gone Green said...

In SD you really don't want to vote yes on Prop. 80; it locks you in so that you have to buy electricity from the local investor owned utility, and makes it harder to get more renewable, sustainable energy in the system.

At the moment, the law says you have the right to buy electricity from anyone, not just one source. Prop. 80 locks in the monopoly.

Mike V. said...

actually, I am ready for deregulation to go away and for the California Public Utilities Commission to get a hold on things.

jessica said...

prop 80 would've been a good thing if for only one reason - it would've repealed ab1890 (the deregulation fiasco endorsed by enron & all the other energy companies).

but california's really lucky 74, 75, 76 & 77 didn't pass. i think californians were so pissed off about everything they voted "no" across the board

lunched with michael shames, yesterday. he was being awarded along with a colleague as most distinguished alums. i think you'd like him mike. & maybe he'd convince you to go to law school & help change the world -- or at least start with california ;)