Friday, September 02, 2005

I think it's time for people to be angry, as well as sad

Let me tell you, if this is any indication about how FEMA is going to be working as it has become wrapped up in the Dept. Of Homeland Security, then we are in DEEP SHIT should something even larger ever happen.

Pure and simple, aside from pointing fingers about the fact that they should have taken better care of the levees, they should have controlled growth better in the surrounding wet lands, etc.. this was an unmitigated clusterfuck of the highest order down in LA and MISS.

Forget the lawlessness of the thugs, forget the fact that maybe some people could have left (though in reality, a good number of them could NOT as they are dirt poor and don't have money for gas let alone a car or a place to go, etc..) let's just focus on the reaction to this.
Have a look at the leadership at FEMA and from the office of the President.
The best he could do was fly over 2 fucking days later, then summon his daddy and Clinton to the White House??

Aren't a good number if not all of the nation completely stunned at this?
Do a bunch more not care because it's a bunch of poor black folks?
Are we just numb and can't believe our eyes?

Take a good look, people.
This is the US Government as it has been created over the last 5 years.
I will GLADLY lay a lot of blame for this on Bush simply because of the lack of local National Guard resources due to his illegal war in Iraq, and underfunding and cutting of funds that could have helped stem the tide, if you will, of the forces behind Katrina.
To be honest, taking a step back at how we must now be viewed from elsewhere, I am embarassed for our country this week.


Sar said...

You're right, Mike. It is embarassing & infuriating. And we still have another 3 years under this (lack of) leadership? Oh man...

Kirk said...

The one thing that always strikes me about these situations is; CNN and MSNBC can cover these live - but the Arms of the Government can't? How is it that the media has more resources and access and the Government doesn't???

SheaNC said...

Yes, you're absolutely right. Our government has abondoned its people; they prefer oil profits. It is apalling. But you know, we told the right that this was the case, didn't we? And you know what, those were "red" states down there, too. How do they like their "shock and awe" now?