Wednesday, August 31, 2005

They're perfect for each other:

A phony punk band and a phony pop star, together at last!

And this is coming from a guy that's PAID to see Blink 182 live..

Good Charlotte is VERY lame.


Sar said...

What's with her horse teeth? Really, where'd they come from? She and Demi Moore must see the same dentist.

Mike V. said...

some sort of work done.
I read on a gossip site that she had thick veneers because she kept chipping her teeth on the mic.

Sar said...

Yeah, that's the answer. Thick veneers. No need to say move the mike away a bit or get one of those ear/mic thingys!

gabsmash said...

so true mike..perfect match..

sar- it looks like it is hard for her to close her mouth over those veneers