Saturday, August 13, 2005

Something useless for the weekend

One of those things that gets passed around the Internets.
Not to mention I'm fairly certain that this is wrong because I asked my Mom who grew up on the islands and she said so.. :)

I love the Hawaiian Islands. I love the weather, the people and plate lunch.
Is there anything better than a HUGE styrofoam container filled with chicken katsu, rice and macaroni salad after a hard day at the beach swimming and snorkeling??

My Hawaiian Name is:

Nahele Keona


Kirk said...

Mike - There is something better! A loco moco! Ha! Actually, a Zip Pac is really good. When I was young we'd go to Rainbow Drive-in after surfing and grind a Chili rice plate - it was $1.35 in those days!

Mike V. said...

not a huge fan of the loco moco, but just about anything else on the plate lunch menu I love.