Monday, August 22, 2005

Some good OpEd's to read:

Ed Naha always makes me laugh, even when the subject matter is NOT that funny:
Ed Naha: 'Bush stays the course as more Americans change theirs'

" Let's be blunt. Bush's petulant "staying the course" policy is irrational and borderline delusional. (And what else is new?) As a result, our pre-emptive invasion has turned out to be such a colossal clusterfuck that even Donald Rumsfeld tried to backpedal from it, downplaying the word "war" in our one-size-fits-all "War on Terror" blather and redubbing it the "global struggle against violent extremism."
This leaden trial balloon was quickly shot down by Dubya who rever
ted to his beloved "war" lingo within twenty-four hours of Rumsfeld's utterance, presumably because the "global struggle" rhetoric was too complicated.""

Thomas Pauken: 'Rove behavior: Could it be Bush's Watergate?'

"KARL Rove's favorite president is Richard Nixon. What a twist of fate it would be if Rove were driven from power as Nixon was over what both men would consider trivial matters — the leaking of a CIA employee's name to reporters by Rove in 2004, and the Watergate break-in of the Democratic headquarters at the instigation of Nixon campaign officials in 1972."

William Hughes: 'Apologists for Iraqi War going bonkers'

"It is all in the realm of a collective madness! Apologists for the Iraqi War, a motley mob of sanctimonious Right Wing ranters, ranging from Ann Coulter, to Linda Chavez, to Robert Novak, and others, are going bonkers.[2] They are literally cracking up under the strain of seeing a war that they fully supported, which was based on a pack of deliberate lies, turning into a huge debacle. Their roles as shameless boosters for the Bush-Cheney Gang in the failing scheme known by its dubious Pentagon-imposed title, “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” should forever darken their names and sully their reputations."


J said...

I hope this blog is around long enough for you to eat your words. Bush stands behind the war because he believes in something.
What does the left believe in? Shining the worst light on a war that liberated millions from tyranny. What the hell happened to you guys?

Mike V. said...

Gee, and here I thought we invaded Iraq because they were a threat.
Oh, that's right, they weren't.
Not only is the majority of the nation (and the world) against Bush's little oil war, FINALLY their mistakes and outright lies are starting to get a little light shone on them.
How many American and Iraqi deaths will be enough for you so they can have "freedom".
Or a new theocracy.