Wednesday, August 31, 2005

One more photo of the day for the week (to ketchup)

Check this guy out I'm standing next to.
This picture was taken in Tijuana at the La Casa Del Habano store. The only place you can buy Cuban cigars when there and know you are getting the real thing.
LCDH is basically a factory store or an arm of Cubatabaco which distributes all cigars coming from that Island.
Anyway, this guy has been rolling cigars in Cuba (and is getting ready to retire) for just about 50 years. He even used to roll the famous Davidoff Dom Perignon.
So David (the owner of the store) last summer and again this summer has had Rodolfo Toboada come to the store to roll cigars on site. They must be smoked immediately, or aged for at least 6 months (too long a reason why, that's just the way it is)
They brought in the filler, binder and wrapper tobacco from Cuba and away he went.
I bought a few of the torpedo's and they were amazing. I have one in my humidor right now from last year I should smoke, as a matter of fact.
You can click on the photo for a larger size to see Rodolfo and my ugly mug more better..


gabsmash said...

very cool- great pic

Mike V. said...

I guess it's not really a photo that I took, but it was my camera.
I just realized that in this photo, I'm darker than a Cuban.. :P
That's the summer sun for you in San Diego.