Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Looks like the religious idiots on the Kansas Board of Education will get their way

This is just great.
We are taking a step back in time, in order to teach creationism in a school.
And that's what Intelligent Design is all about. It's not about "an alternative" theory to evolution, it's about religious freaks getting their foot in the door to your kid's school to teach them hocus pocus.
Gravity is a theory, when is someone going to teach an alternative to that?

ID plain and simple does not pass the scientific method. It can't.
Basically, this is the last straw for the idiots because they have lost pretty much everything else when it comes to explaining our world.
You can prove fairly easily that the age of the earth, our sun, stars in the galaxy, etc are NOT 6000 years old, but many, many billions. Except to really stupid people or completely off their rocker religious nuts.
We know the earth is round, that Heaven and the stars are not firmaments above the earth with Hell below us.
We know that the dinosaurs are real.
So, what do these folks have left? These modern day flat earth people?
For one thing, they have on their side the fact that most people are ignorant about what Evolution is all about, instead feeding off the fact that most people think it's about us coming from monkeys.
So for them, the last straw is trying to create a straw man out of evolutionary theory and then try to knock it down in front of the ignorant.
Well, good for Kansas. They can now produce more stupid people.
As the judge said in Caddyshack: "the world needs ditchdiggers, too".


Toad734 said...

Maybe we should teach about the stork in public schools instead of the sexual laden reproductive "theory" which is being taught today.

The children deserve to have both sides of the argument!

Mike V. said...

I guess that means you've seen that cartoon from Tom Tomorrow? :)

Why do they hate the stork so much?