Sunday, August 21, 2005

Great show on Sat August 20th! And, a story.

Black Crowes opened for The Hearbreakers and they were really good.
Never seen them before, and they put on a great, raw set.
Went well with their apparently un-washed state... :)
It was cool because their set was primarily NOT peppered with their 6 dozen hits, rather extended jam versions of their lesser known songs, saving 3 big hits for the end.

Petty and the Heartbreakers DID do a set that was peppered with all their hits, but how could they not?
Check out their albums going back THIRTY years and they are all packed with hugely successful songs.
And not just from the 70's and 80's.
There are awesome songs to pick from in their later works like Echo and Wildflowers (a favorite of mine).
The sound a the Coors Amphitheatre was VERY good for Petty (not so great, but good for the Crowes); just the right amount of loud and clear, yet still LOUD like Rock and Roll should be.
They played a cool Animals cover and a Wilbury's song, too.
Overall, AWESOME set and a lovely outdoor evening for a show.

So check this out (for my story).
We got there early well before the Black Crowes came on and in front of us was a young guy (early 20's maybe) who appeared to be there alone.
Well, just before the Crowes came on, this young woman pops over the seats with a couple beers and greats the young guy and they exchange hello's and all that, as if they sort of came separately, yet were planning on meeting at their seats. These are assigned seats, so he couldn't have been saving it for someone.
Show starts and she's like dancing and sort of all over this guy, hugging and rubbing and totally having the hots for him. He's sort of hanging out, just enjoying the music, but obviously not that into her as she is into him. My wife said she felt sorry for her that he was SO not into this girl.
Crowes finish and they depart to get more beer (from what I could make out of their conversation) and are gone the whole break between acts.
Petty starts and they are not back and I was like, cool, no one to possibly block my view!
Couple songs in, she comes back, but with a different dude! Remember, these are assigned seats per your ticket.
They're drinking and getting into the groove and she's all over THIS guy.
He seems to like her.
Before the set was over, they decide they need to leave and pop over the BACK of the seats and the guy almost kills himself because he was so drunk.
Plus, he dropped his flipflop on my chair.
I threw it over my back in his general direction.


Sar said...

I'm with you on this one, Mike, and I don't care if I come across as old (um, not implying that you are or anything)!

When we lived in NJ, I used to go with hubby to see The NJ Devils play (hockey, but I'm sure you know that) and they had a great video montage of awesome checks to the tune of "Don't Come Around Here No More". That song is so cool.

Mike V. said...

They played that song (of course) and it was a great show.
I have been to many hundred concerts in my life, but there have been standouts and a Petty show pretty much always is.
Saw them in 1998 or 99 at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View (bay area) one time and Los Lobos opened up. They were awesome.
Time before this Jackson Browne opened and he was BORING. Not my thing.
This was a good mix with Black Crowes.
No sighting of Mrs Robinson (Kate Hudson)... :)