Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The FCC fight against "indecency" ...... that you pay for.

The FCC's Cable Crackdown

(you'll need a site pass or a membership to read the whole thing on Salon.com; site pass is free.)

Well, that's one way to put it.
But if the latest "Chairman" of the FCC and handful of Christian and right wing whacko's have their way, what you pay for on cable could come under fire.

In my opinion, their power over regular broadcasting is BS for the most part, but I do understand because it's coming over the "free" airways (though who do you know still has the big antenna on the roof??) there should be some regulation.

However, what I pay extra for, what is completely up to me or you, is that which is part of pay cable in the form of everything like HBO, Comedy Central or even HGTV.
I bought that. If I don't like it, I stop paying for it and it goes away (of course, if you don't like what's on TV in general, no one is twisting your arm to watch).

Here's a little bit from the above article (which you should read) coming from FCC Chair Kevin J. Martin:

"If cable and satellite operators continue to refuse to offer parents more tools, basic indecency and profanity restrictions may be a viable alternative,"

I have a tool for the parents to use, it's called the FUCKING REMOTE!
If you don't like what's on, turn the fucking channel or stop getting cable!
Don't watch TV, read a damn book to your kids.

Listen to this moron's story:

'Family Research Council legal director Patrick A. Trueman said he recently traveled to a Marriott Hotel in Houston, where he said three separate cable stations -- not pay-per-view stations -- were showing "hardcore pornography," which he described as "sex acts." He demanded that the hotel staff come disable the channels. The staff told him one of the stations was Showtime. "I don't have cable just for this reason," said Trueman, who previously worked on obscenity cases in the Justice Department. "If I had cable, I would not want my children viewing that."'

Showtime? I don't think so. Yea, they play donkey porn on there all the time.
He probably saw an episode of "Queer as Folk" and got a fucking boner.

I guess he had a hard time changing the channels on the TV. Maybe he needs to go back to school or something.

You know what my mother did when there was something on TV that she felt was not appropriate for my brother and I to watch? She turned the TV off or changed the channel.
She also did something that I'm sure is foreign to a lot of the dipshit parents in this world: she read books to us and encouraged us to read as well.

Stop trying to legislate morality and stop trying to tell me what I can watch on TV or hear on the radio when I pay for it!


Toad734 said...

Can I pay to get more indecency?

Well I can do without that ass licking scene in Queer as Folk but otherwise...

I have an idea for these people; don't get cable, don't let your kids have internet in their room; dont have kids.

Mike V. said...

this kind of thing makes me freakin nuts.
no one is making you watch anything.

the further we get down this road, the next thing will be books, I'm telling you.

Sar said...

Stupid parents will look for anything else to blame their stupidity on. It's not the fact that they're neglecting their children who have gained full control over what they watch on tv, what video games they play, and what CDs they listen to. No, it's got to be the cable company, film distributors, game makers, and musicians fault of course. Fucking mornons.

People should earn a license to be parents and be held accountable just the same as daycare providers. But that's a whole different gripe.

(Hey Toad - sorry I never got around to addressing your comments previously at my site, my bad!)

Sar said...

morons (and man do I feel like one for misspelling that!)

Adam said...

You're exactly right- cable TV and satellite radio has even less justification for government censorship.

And since when did Showtime start showing hardcore porn? You're lucky if you get T&A

Tom Harper said...

Great post.

God, don't get me started. I can't believe these people who complain about a TV program. Just change the channel, you %$#&@!

What about the self-reliance and bootstraps that conservatives preach about? How does that tie in with "help, I'm offended by this program, get it off my TV set!"

Mike V. said...

Adam, Tom and Sar, thanks for your comments.
Good to know my rants actually get read by someone.
And those someone's don't call the guys with the white coats.. :)