Monday, August 01, 2005

At least he's right about one thing

So Bill Frist used some common sense and his scientific background to come up with the stance that stem cell research is a good thing and we should fund it.
Of course, a lot of the religious whackos are none too happy about it, not the least of which was Herr Tom DeLay, who on Face The Nation this past Sunday morning stated: "we don't want to create life, in order to destroy it". Forgetting, of course that there are already 400,000 embryos frozen and ready for science. Or, they can be used for fucking popsicles.
Now, if you think that a frozen group of cells smaller than the period at the end of this sentence qualifies for human life, you have problems.
Also, I would have a little more respect (not really) for DeLay if he were:
Against the death penalty, against in-vitro clinics and sang the "every sperm is sacred" song.
Taken to it's logical conclusion, he would HAVE to be against In-vitro, but you can damn well be sure he's not.
Of course, this is the guy that counts Sen. Brownback from Kansas as one of his buddies and has a ton of religious crazies on his side.
Frist is not without problems. I guess he expects people to forget his rediculous stance on the Terri Schiavo fiasco, butting in to their business and screaming about "activist" judges.
As a boy that's looking towards '08 for a run for president, he will have to come towards the center on some things.
When, oh when are we going to get a person that runs for office for and about the regular folks in this country and stops pandering to the Religious Reich and the ultra-rich?

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