Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Religion makes people crazy

In talking with a person about the war earlier today, they seem to think that "Islam" is at war with the Christians. Again.
Since we're a secular nation, we shouldn't have to worry about it,
then, should we?
Oh, that's right, the idiot neo-cons want to be the new Rome.
Worked out good for them in the end, too.

The ONLY reason there will ever be genuine acts of terrorism against
western nations by radical muslims is because we keep swinging our
dicks around, trying to own the rest of the world.
Let's just buy their fucking oil, look for alternatives to oil for the
future, and let them fight amongst themselves..
The money we are wasting in Iraq could be spent on making sure we're
safe on our soil for now and doing crazy things like building schools,
repaving roads, backing up SS. You know, things that actually mean
something in this country and have a positive affect on our lives.
I feel for those that have lost loved ones in Iraq for NOTHING.

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