Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's the war, dammit!

Karl Rove, Valerie Plame, Scooter, Judy Miller, etc.. we'll find out about those people soon enough, but where does Dr. Rice fit in all this? It's the war, dammit, not just the outting of a CIA agent!
Check this article, which has an amazing timeline before and after the start of the war, and how "Condi" may fit in all this.

Read it all here.

Check these couple of paragraphs out, then go read the whole thing.
Very interesting to say the least:

"The CIA, and the Presidents who used it as a private mafia, account for a more than half-century history far more catastrophic than a legion of seedy Roves and Libbys or even multiple Bush regimes. Relentlessly corrupt, inept, anachronistic, if ever an institution deserved to be "outed" and prosecuted in its numbers, it is our vastly bloodstained intelligence agency. But as so often in politics, we are left with the lesser, still needed reckoning at hand.

And in that, of course, the larger issue beyond Plame is the Bush regime's Big Lie behind the invasion of Iraq, in which the phantom Nigerien yellowcake was an important malignant element. No government since World War II has more blatantly invented the pretext for waging a war of aggression. The Rove and Libby collusion only begins to peel away the layers of the crime. Rice is the next skein to be pulled.

Her manifest failures in the fateful months before 9/11 in meeting the principal responsibilities of the National Security Advisor-the sheer incompetence and shallowness that left so much intelligence uncoordinated, so much neglected or misunderstood-should have been enough to have run her from public office long ago, of course, were it not for her hold on this tragically flawed president, and her deplorable immunity amid the chronic political cowardice of both the Democrats and the media."

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